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Give your body the help it needs to overcome daily difficulties and obstacles. Instead of relying on coffee for a daily boost of energy, consider switching to our lab-verified Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize – a healthier and more nutritious alternative to coffee.

The Brighteon Store is here to help you kickstart your day with vitality, ensuring you're prepared to overcome any hurdle. That's why we proudly offer a convenient solution that combines the nutritional benefits of nine immune-and-energy-supporting superfoods. Our cocoa energize blend is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs. The Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize is a delightful powder blend crafted from organic cocoa powder, organic maca root powder and seven organic functional mushroom powders. It also features a subtle sweetness derived from low-glycemic organic coconut sugar, an exceptional natural sugar substitute.

Our Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize is non-GMO, plant-based, and lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology. Our convenient superfood blend is certified Kosher and organic, ensuring the utmost quality and purity.


This product is verified A+++ based on glyphosate analysis standards published at

This means the product has been tested via triple quad mass spec (LS-MS-MS) and conforms to the glyphosate / AMPA limits required for an A+++ rating as described at

Low Heavy Metals Verified!

This product is verified A+++ according to the heavy metals standards published at

This means the product has been tested via ICP-MS and confirmed to meet the limits for an A+++ rating as described at

What is Groovy Bee® OrganicCocoa Energize made of?**

Experience the delectable and nutritious Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize, a unique blend of high-quality organic ingredients, including organic cocoa powder, organic maca root powder, and seven functional mushroom powders. These mushroom powders, such as organic reishi powder, chaga powder, shiitake powder, lion's mane powder, cordyceps powder, maitake powder, and turkey tail powder, all contain a natural abundance of antioxidants and biologically active compounds that can support optimal immune health and energy levels. To enhance its flavor, this superfood blend is also mildly sweetened with organic coconut sugar.

This potent blend offers a delicious way to support your immune, cardiovascular, and cognitive functions. Combining nine superfoods into one nutrient-dense combination, Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize is the perfect beverage to refuel your body and help you stay energized throughout the day. 

Organic cocoa powder**

Dive into the rich essence of cocoa powder, a globally treasured ingredient derived from the fermented beans of the Theobroma cacao tree. Organic cocoa powder, known for its deliciousness and nutrient-dense profile, is created when cocoa butter is removed from the beans, resulting in finely ground, pure cocoa. A study published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology found that organic cocoa powder is a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols, with the highest flavonoid content per weight of any food. These antioxidants can help protect against oxidative damage and support optimal cognitive, cardiovascular, digestive, and immune health.

  • Supports healthy heart, brain, immune, and digestive functions
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Naturally uplifts your mood

Organic maca root powder**

Maca root powder, known as the "Incan superfood" or "Peruvian ginseng," comes from the Lepidium meyenii plant's radish-like root. It boasts a remarkable phytonutrient profile and has adaptogenic properties. A 2014 study that was published in the journal Carbohydrate Polymers showed that maca root extract has potent antioxidant polysaccharides. With over 60 micronutrients, including antioxidants like flavonoids, phenols, glycosides, alkaloids, saponins and vitamins C and E, maca root supports the body's production of antioxidants like SOD and glutathione, which supports a healthy immune system.

  • Supports healthy cognitive, cardiovascular and immune functions
  • Supports healthy stamina, endurance and energy levels
  • Naturally elevates your mood

Organic reishi powder**

The reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), also called "lingzhi," is highly valued in Eastern medicine as a symbol of well-being. This functional mushroom, known as "the mushroom of immortality," supports various biological systems. Its health benefits stem from bioactive components like beta-glucans, plant sterols, polysaccharides, triterpenes, phenols, amino acids, lipids, and terpenoids. The reishi mushroom is rich in dietary fiber, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, selenium and vitamins B2 and C. Reishi can also assist with maintaining a healthy stress response.

  • Supports healthy cognitive and respiratory functions
  • Helps your body's natural elimination of toxic elements
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular and immune functions

Organic chaga powder**

The chaga mushroom, scientifically known as "Inonotus obliquus," is an excellent natural source of potent antioxidants like polyphenols and triterpenes, which can effectively protect against oxidative stress. This functional mushroom boasts an impressive Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) rating, making it one of the top superfoods in terms of antioxidant content. A study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine found that consuming chaga mushrooms regularly supports good health and overall well-being. Additionally, this nutrient-dense mushroom contains essential nutrients such as selenium, zinc, manganese, iron, copper and choline, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and D.


  • Supports healthy digestive, immune, and cardiovascular functions
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range
  • Supports healthy energy levels

Organic shiitake powder**

The shiitake mushroom, or "Lentinula edodes," is one of the most widely cultivated edible mushrooms globally, accounting for over a quarter of all mushroom production worldwide. This functional mushroom, also known as "black mushroom" or "oakwood mushroom," contains a unique polysaccharide called lentinan, which can help support the body's natural immune defenses. Besides its savory taste, shiitake mushrooms are highly valued for their diverse health benefits, as they are rich in polysaccharides, phenols, diterpenoids, alkaloids, sterols and other powerful antioxidants.

  • Helps maintain optimal energy levels
  • Supports the growth of healthy skin
  • Supports healthy immune and digestive functions

Organic lion's mane powder**

The lion's mane mushroom, scientifically known as "Hericium erinaceus," is a popular functional mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is named after its distinctive appearance of white, dangling spines resembling a lion's mane. This functional mushroom is naturally abundant in polysaccharides and contains over 32 bioactive substances that support healthy brain, heart, and digestive functions. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that lion's mane mushroom can naturally elevate mood and support healthy energy levels. A separate study published in the journal Food & Function found that this functional mushroom can also support a healthy immune system.

  • Supports healthy cognitive and digestive functions
  • Naturally elevates your mood
  • Supports healthy immune and circulatory systems

Organic cordyceps powder**

The cordyceps mushroom, scientifically known as "Cordyceps militaris," has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to support vitality and endurance. This functional mushroom is now widely recognized for its potential to support healthy energy levels and athletic performance while providing potent antioxidants to protect against oxidative stress and support overall health. A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology found the cordyceps mushroom's high levels of polysaccharides and cordycepin nucleosides contribute to its antioxidant and immune-supporting properties. Additionally, cordyceps mushrooms contain vitamins and enzymes that support healthy skin, heart, liver and kidney functions.

  • Supports the body's natural ability to eliminate toxins
  • Supports healthy exercise performance and recovery
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range

Organic maitake powder**

The maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa), also known as the "dancing mushroom," is a nutrient powerhouse. It's a rich source of copper, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, zinc, folate, niacin, vitamin D and dietary fiber, which helps support healthy digestion. A study published in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin found that the maitake mushroom is a natural source of grifolan, a polysaccharide that supports a healthy immune system. Additionally, the maitake mushroom contains beta-glucan and other antioxidants, which can provide extra immune support. The maitake mushroom also has potent adaptogenic properties, which help support a healthy stress response.

  • Supports a healthy stress response
  • Helps healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels already within the normal range
  • Supports healthy fertility

Organic turkey tail mushroom powder**

The turkey tail mushroom, scientifically known as "Coriolus versicolor," derives its name from its vibrantly colored, wavy rosette shape that resembles a wild turkey's tail. It has long been recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to support optimal immune health and digestion. A study published in the Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry highlights the turkey tail mushroom's immune-supporting properties due to its 35 phenolic compounds and antioxidants. Additionally, this functional mushroom is a rich source of copper, zinc, manganese, flavonoids, phenols and beneficial polysaccharopeptide (PSP) like krestin (PSK).

  • Helps supports healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range
  • Supports a healthy stress response
  • Supports healthy digestion

Low-glycemic organic coconut sugar**

Experience the best of our Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize blend, made with organic coconut sugar for a healthier and tastier sugar substitute. With its low glycemic index, coconut sugar is ideal for those mindful of sugar intake. Unlike stevia and other sweeteners, organic coconut sugar offers a delicious taste without a bitter aftertaste.

Here's a simple recipe for Groovy Bee®Organic Cocoa Energize Power Balls** 

These are perfect for a quick energy boost during the day or before a workout!



  1. Combine the oats and Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize in a large bowl. Stir until the oats are evenly coated with the Cocoa Energize powder.
  2. Add the honey and almond butter to the bowl. Mix until everything is well combined. The mixture should be sticky and stick together well. Add more almond butter or honey if it's too dry. If it's too wet, add a bit more oats or Cocoa Energize.
  3. If using, add your chosen add-ins to the mixture and stir until evenly distributed.
  4. Use your hands to roll the mixture into small balls about an inch across. Put the balls on parchment paper.
  5. Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to allow the balls to firm up.
  6. Enjoy your Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize Power Balls immediately, or store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Get your Organic Cocoa Energizeat the Health Ranger Store today!**

Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize is a powerful blend of organic cocoa, maca root, and functional mushrooms -- all superfoods known for their antioxidants and beneficial phytonutrients. Cocoa powder helps keep you energized with theobromine, maca root fuels endurance with its rich nutrient content, and functional mushrooms support healthy energy conversion and overall health with their high levels of B vitamins and essential vitamins and minerals.

By combining the nutritional benefits of nine superfoods, Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize from the Health Ranger Store offers a convenient and delicious way to boost your health. It is specially designed to support optimal energy levels and immune health. This non-GMO, plant-based superfood blend is lab-tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology. Additionally, it is certified Kosher and organic. Groovy Bee® Organic Cocoa Energize is hands down, one of the best substitutes for coffee.







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